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About Stellar Automation Agency

We are Creative Automated Agency. We offer process-driven platform that enables users to build business processes & automation they need at the click of a mouse, to streamline actionable workflows by harnessing stellar technology!

Automated Marketing Cloud

Process-driven approach to Personalized Email Marketing, User Journey based CRM; closing the value gap for business users and their targets. 

Marketing & Sales Unified

Multichannel marketing software to deliver demand generation excellence. Sales force automation to manage the complete sales cycle — from lead to repeat sales.


Our Services

Don't just create experiences. Make it your business. Don’t just reach your customers. Know them..

Advanced Email Marketing

Contact List Management, Personalization, Email Templates, Segmentation, Automation Workflow, A/B Testing, Campaign Comparison and SMTP Relay.  

Automated Text Messaging

Harness Mobile Messaging in a Cross-Channel World. If your customers aren’t getting a seamless experience across mobile, web, and other channels — you’re likely losing them.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) SEO PPC

Campaign strategies, roadmaps and execute day-to-day perpetual tactics that increase quality score, site traffic & conversion.

Visual Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Engage your customers, at every moment with visual Dashboards, KPIs, intuitive interface providing Consumer Insights.


Our Subject Matter Expertise

Each completed project makes us even more hungry, hungry for more ways to help businesses, more relationships and at least some more coffee. As a result we deliver stellar experience.

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Marketing Automation
Process Automation
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